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Bridgetown: issue #1, "arrival"


Bridgetown is a place filled with men and women whose ambitions drive them to infamy. Here, gunpowder, sweat, machine oil and greed serve as kindling to the fires of the mythic Old West. 

Ever-feisty Susanna is cast back into the time of her ancestors, along with the brothers who are in love with her, Jesse and Wayne Cole. As the Brothers Cole vie for Susanna's love and their own place in the pages of history, they remake the past in their own image. Wayne becomes a wealthy industrialist, equal parts Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Jesse calls for a countercultural revolution against his robber-baron brother. And Susanna fights for her own glory in an age before women could even vote. But with their actions comes a grave threat from the mystical, mysterious Mr. Black: Abandon your aspirations, or destroy the world.

Bridgetown: Issue #1, "Arrival" is part one of a three-part epic fantasy Western novel from author Giovanni Iacobucci. It features a colorful cast of characters, alternate history science fiction, dark fantasy/mystery elements, and an open-ended sandbox world that invites readers to imagine possibilities beyond the adventure within its pages...


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