Star Wars

WATCH: "Let's Get Drunk and Talk About Star Wars"

After premiering my feature film "West Coast Gothic" in May, I wanted to take a brief detour into thinking about one of the narratives that shaped my love of storytelling and continues to hold much fascination for me: George Lucas' genre-defining multimedia space opera project, Star Wars. "Let's Get Drunk and Talk About Star Wars" is the result.

Hopefully, I've threaded the line between lighthearted irreverence and deep-lore nerd culture analysis. If you don't spend 24 hours a day thinking about this stuff, hopefully this little road trip into the backwaters of the Galaxy Far, Far Away will leave you with a sense of why I do.

So follow me down the rabbit hole as we attempt to answer the question of what Star Wars is actually about, and why it still matters today. It's a three-drink minimum.

Written, Performed, and Edited by Giovanni Iacobucci
Director of Photography - Arthur Garcia
Production Assistance - Evelyn Slater-Shew, Ivan Panuco

Background music: