WATCH: "West Coast Gothic: The Mood Reel"

I'm excited to finally be able to share footage from Modern Mythos Media's first feature film, West Coast Gothic. The video presented today comprises what we're calling the "Mood Reel" -- not quite a trailer, not quite a short film. Instead, it's a collage of scenes, dialogue, and sequences shot in November 2016 which signal the commencement of an ongoing project: the production of our first independent, full-length feature.

West Coast Gothic tells the story of estranged fraternal twins Allen and Allie Foster, who return to their hometown of Obelisk Bay. There, they must confront their repressed mutual desire and an insidious presence which grows stronger every day as it feeds on their guilt. Allen, hoping this reunion will break his prolonged bout of writer's block, begins to plot a deepening mystery involving a young woman named Maxine. But he can't anticipate how the story he's weaving is about to become entangled with his own life, and own troubles, back in Obelisk Bay…

West Coast Gothic: The Mood Reel was completed with the generous participation of a talented and dedicated crew of creatives. I wrote, directed, and edited the piece, and Evelyn Slater-Shew produced. It features Turi Haim, Amanda Ruth Ritchie, Kimberly Lopez, and Jim Krestalude. Cooper James shot the project (Instagram), Alexis B. Preston art directed, and Anthony Salerno provided original score. It was shot on a mix of RED Dragon and RED Weapon cameras and edited on Adobe Premiere CC 2017.

If you're interested in keeping up with the project, you can follow me on Twitter @gioiacobucci and follow West Coast Gothic on Instagram @westcoastgothic. We're also on Vimeo and YouTube! Feel free also to show your support and ask any questions at


Giovanni Iacobucci

Writer/Director, West Coast Gothic