First off...

Welcome to the brand-spankin' new ModMythMedia/Giovanni Iacobucci website. This will be the home, moving forward, for all "Bridgetown" content and more!

Bridgetown Issue #1, "Arrival," was published last summer in e-book form and continues to be available on a number of platforms.

  • You may download it from the ModMyth store on Gumroad for a pay-what-you-want donation. You'll receive a .ZIP archive containing the issue in ePub and .mobi formats.
  • You may download it from Smashwords (also pay-what-you-want) for the same deal.
  • You may download it from Amazon to your Kindle app or device for $5 if you don't want to have to learn what "ZIP," "ePub," or ".mobi" means.

Happy reading!